Friends of the Shelter Dogs is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides assistance to the dogs in the Athens County Dog Shelter by providing veterinary support for sick and injured dogs, spaying and neutering, rescue operations and the promotion of the dogs in the shelter. All this is done in order to save the lives of adoptable dogs.






Friends of the Shelter Dogs

P.O. Box 576

Athens, OH 45701

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HELP us help THEM – Our organization has been credited by the Athens County commissioners with having a tremendous impact on the decrease of euthanasia at the shelter. It takes a great deal of time, effort and funding to help the dogs. We need our community's support to continue providing assistance. Please do your part in helping us save these precious animals.

Can't foster? Don't worry! We can accept any donations you can provide. Anything from materials to money is greatly appreciated and can help us.

Keep Up-to-Date

Listen to 970WATH in the morning as Thom Williams gives you the Shelter Dog of the Week. These are dogs that are currently at the Athens County Dog Shelter that are in URGENT need of a home.




Temporary Fostering

We are always in need of temporary foster homes. Please email us if you think you would like to help foster a dog on a short term basis. Sometimes we just need a place for a dog to go to for a few days until a rescue can come and pick it up. You can help us save a dog's life! If you can take in a pet for any amount of time, we need you. Please email us today!

-Pooch Patrol (click here)

Friends of the Shelter Dogs is an all-volunteer group of Athens County, OH citizens dedicated to the welfare and rescue of dogs from the Athens County Dog Shelter.


Our mission is to prevent the euthanization of adoptable dogs at the county operated dog shelter by rescue and/or adoption.

Company Overview

We are a group of Athens Co. citizens dedicated to the rescue and welfare of dogs at the Athens Coouty Dog Shelter.


FOSD provides these services and more to the Athens County Dog Shelter:


+Identifying, vetting, and arranging transport for dogs to approved rescues to reduce euthanasia rate at the Shelter.

+Maintenance of a Foster Network for dogs awaiting rescue or adoption from FOSD.

+Rescuing/fostering puppy litters that are too young to adopt.

+Dog Impressions to give potential adopters and rescues more info about each dog and working with dogs with special needs.

+Photography of all shelter dogs.

+Maintenance of the Shelter's Petfinder page.

+Shelter Shot program development and maintenance.

+Weekly updating of the Friday Athens Messenger Shelter Dog Ad & recruitment of ad sponsors.

+Additional programs for the shelter, including, but not limited to, the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project music program for the shelter dog kennel room.

+Weekly comparison of lost and found dogs in attempt to reunite as many dogs and owners as possible.

+Maintenance of a Friends of the Shelter Dogs Facebook page to continually showcase and share Shelter Dogs available for adoption.

+Maintenance of our own Website.

+Planning, promotion (creation and hanging of fliers, PR, etc.), and implementation of fundraising to pay veterinary and other expenses.

+Development (in process) of a Shelter Spay & Neuter program

+Local adoptions of dogs who remain in our custody past their rescue window due to illness or other unforeseen reasons.

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What do I do if I have lost or found a dog?

Gather all of the information that you can.



Sex (if it's a male, please indicate if it is neutered)

Collar & tags

Distinguishing marks

Where & when the dog was lost/found

Recent picture


**Please note - if you have found a dog, don't give info such as if it was wearing a collar, if neutered, distinguishing marks. Make the person trying to claim the dog describe them to you.**


1) Please list the dog in both the Athens Messenger and the Athens News. They are free.

2) Submit the description and picture to Athens County Lost and Found Pets on Facebook.

3) Submit the description and picture to Friends of the Shelter Dogs on Facebook.

4) Call in the description to WXTQ's Pooch Patrol. 740-593-6651

5) Call the dog shelters that are closest to where you live.

6) Visit the dog shelters that are closest to where you live, take a sign with the description and picture to leave at the shelter. GO EVERY DAY!

7) Take signs with description and picture to all local vets in your area.

8) Give a sign with description and picture to your mail carrier.

9) Post signs with description and picture in businesses around where the dog was lost/found.

10)  Post a sign in your yard if you have lost a dog. Often people will walk the neighborhood looking for the dog’s owner.

11) Walk/drive around asking your closest neighbors if they have lost/found a dog.

12) Walk around in the area where the dog was lost, he may pick up your scent.

13) Leave something with your scent outside


Following all of these steps will give you the best chance of finding your lost dog or finding the owner of the dog you've found!